Jude Hooey

Archery Excellence

Jude Hooey - Mental Management Systems Certified Level II Coach

Jude Hooey is a retired teacher from Lethbridge, AB, Canada, and is a certified NCCP Level III coach with Archery Canada.  Jude has been coaching archers from beginner level to International levels for over 20 years.  She coaches archers in the disciplines of target, field, and 3D.  In 2007, she and her late husband, Dennis, were inducted into the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame in the athlete category.  In 2015, Jude was awarded the Archery Alberta Coach of the Year honour.

As an archer, Jude has competed in five World Archery Championships - two Indoor target, one Outdoor Target, and two 3D championships.  She currently holds 30 National target records, one of which was set in 2001.  She has won many Provincial and National Championships in Indoor Target, Outdoor Target, Field, and 3D (both Indoor and Outdoor).  For eleven consecutive years, she won the Gold in her category at the Archery Canada Indoor 3D Championship.

She has been utilizing the Mental Management System in her own shooting career since she first purchased program.  A life long dream was to take a course with Mr. Bassham.  In May 2015, this became a reality when she took the Mental Management Course for Coaches.  This course only strengthened her desire to become a certified instructor of the Mental Management System.  In 2015, Jude became the second Canadian to become a Certified Mental Management Systems coach.  She also became the second certified archery coach and the only certified archery coach in Canada.

Jude volunteers at the local level with the Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club, the provincial level with Archery Alberta, and the national level with Archery Canada.  She continues to coach junior archers at her club.  She also coaches senior archers on an individual basis.

Encouraging her athletes to utilize this very effective system is a priority.  She believes that, with dedication, every athlete will benefit from its use.