Jude Hooey

Archery Excellence

 To fellow archers, 

I would like to say a few words about the quality of coaching and preparation I have experienced in the past year and a half. I started working with Jude in October 2015. Up to that point I was a fairly decent archer and had won a few medals along the way. I found that I could shoot, but I didn't have the mental preparation to get over obstacles that were in the way of my archery goals. 

Since I have been working with Jude she has given me a "toolbox" to work with. She tweaked my technical game then began to build on the mental side of the game. This is the most difficult part to overcome as we never see ourselves as "champions". In our own mind we just don't measure up. 

Jude has been shooting, competing and coaching for many years, so when she told me to try something new or different, I figured "why not try it, she should know what she is talking about." Together with the Lanny Bassham and Troy Bassham audio cd's that I have and still listen to, the books she asks you to read, the time commitment she expects of you, all these things combine to give you the results you are seeking. The key to putting all this together is effort! You must be willing to listen, follow and dedicate the time to attaining your goals. 

I have done this and more and the results speak for themselves. A twenty percent increase in my average shooting score, gold medals, silver medals and Provincial records. 

I have the technical tools and Jude gave me the mental tools. Try it, you can't lose. 

Until the next arrow flies, 

Ann Neumeyer